Walking and Hiking in the City of Greensboro

April 7, 2020


The Bishop family is resolved to move more by walking, hiking and biking. The Coronavirus and its resulting shelter-in-place orders do have some upside. In an effort to stay healthy and sane, we try to get outside everyday. Our go-to exercise now is walking. Mine used to be running until my knees grew too old to withstand the pounding. I discovered walking about 20 years ago when I was pregnant and my tummy could no longer tolerate the NordicTrack ski machine that I had been using up to that point. Try walking and you will discover muscles you never knew you had.

When we lived in Greensboro a decade ago, I had no idea of the number of parks and outdoor facilities available to its residents. There are 19 neighborhood parks in the city of Greensboro that offer hiking and walking trails. In addition, Price, Keeley, Hester and Country parks all offer trails. Hester Park has a 1.3 mile fitness course if you want to do more than walking to get your exercise.

The city also offers a free Piedmont Discovery App that helps you locate facilities near you, find trails by location, level of difficulty and get directions as well as additional information. Here’s a link to the cities website. Please pay attention to the new rules governing park usage during the coronavirus pandemic. I hope you will use this wonderful resource that our city has provided. Happy Trails!

Greensboro Parks and Gardens